Thursday, October 15, 2009

New Scope

A new scope has been listed on the
wrightmade.etsy site:

  This scope is crafted in Chokecherry, from a log given to me by a friend here in Grand Forks.  Chokecherry trees are found in many parts of rural North Dakota, northern Minnesota, and the province of  Manitoba in Canada. They are  commonly found in yards of rural homes in the region. The fruit -- chokecherries -- is used for jam/jellies, as well as pies, and which are  considered a treat around here, that is to say when the birds don't eat them first, which they tend to do.

The base color of the wood is a cream to light tan, but the grain pattern can vary widely and  be very interesting with brown to dark brown to almost black markings.  It is a nice, even-grained wood for turning.